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HoneyWorks – Kinyoubi no Ohayou (cover by yuikonnu)

HoneyWorks with CHiCO – Ai no Scenario (cover by yuikonnu)

Sorry for the really late update, but I’m still alive! ^^; School, etc, so I’ve been busy but I haven’t forgotten about translating~

This one is a bit late because I started it sometime in August, but it’s done! Ai no Scenario by HoneyWorks featuring CHiCO. This song is the anime opening for Magic Kaito, but also has a PV for it created by Yamako. I picked it mainly to practice my translating on something that already has quite a few translations. I did most of the translating on my own and went over with some other subs to compare.

I’ll be continuing working on Primary songs again, and Shinon is the next one. By I, I mean we, because I found and captured another member: Roli!

I also might be working on some non-music translations, including a manga and picking up where the Kagerou Daze light novel currently is, but not totally sure yet, especially since Kagerou Daze is now licensed by Yen Press, and if you may or may not know there was a huge crackdown on fan translations recently, many light novels are no longer available on the LN fan translation site Baka-Tsuki.

For now here are the lyrics for Ai no Scenario.

btw, the video is an utaite cover by yuikonnu, because I didn’t want to get in trouble with copyright issues (it still ended up happening, but after I told them that this was a fan cover or for whatever other reason, they let me go, yay)

Song: Ai no Scenario
Artist: HoneyWorks with CHiCO
Cover by yuikonnu

Translation: Eri, Roli
Editing/QC: Roli
Timing/Typesetting: Eri
Sub references used: Vandalismization, SirHamnet
Special thanks to Enea!

Unravel the lie behind this world
With the truth held within these hands

A daring figure danced gracefully in the shadows
Tell me about the secrets that you’re hiding one day
Hidden in a place that is beyond anyone’s reach
Let me see the world that you’ve locked away

Beyond that shaken, wavering heart
Was a gentle gaze that dispelled my doubts
Somewhere amongst all the tears and worries, I lost sight of it
Where has the truth I was searching for gone?

Even if
My answer were to go against the world
Believe in me and take my hand
I’ll never run away, because I’m not afraid
So open your eyes and see that there is nothing to fear

Have you noticed our fate being repeated once again?
Some day I’ll tell you about the secret I’m hiding
As newly budding memories entangle you
A deceptive shadow creeps closer

With just this wish of wanting to protect you
I’ll stand and fight to free you from those shackles
I’ll keep my vow to always protect you, my resolve won’t waver
Where has the truth I’ve been hiding disappeared to?

Even if
I were to turn the whole world against me
Believe in only me, even in the future
I’ll never run away, because I have no doubts
I’ll shatter this scenario and take it back

Even if I turn the whole world into my enemy
I’ll stretch out my hand and say “Trust me”
The answer I’ve always held onto has found its way to you
A connected future within these hands

Even if it is an answer we are forced to repeat
I won’t run away because I’m not afraid
I will keep fighting on

Primary / yuiko – fragile garden

As promised, I’ve translated fragile garden~ I feel like it’s really easy for me to get moved by music I like, but when I first heard this song, it completely took me over. While the lyrics may seem sad, especially towards the beginning, the melody is upbeat and positive. It’s this contrast that gives it a multicolored, melancholic feeling. Though it hints at being hopeful, I wouldn’t consider it bright, or even that being a main message of this song. The girl carries a sense of emptiness – being alone and struggling to find something that she herself doesn’t know what it is anymore, in a world where she doesn’t even know who her opponents are, let alone herself. Even towards the end, she doesn’t know what she’s searching for, or why she even still continues, but even so she blindly continues moving forward and calling out towards the dark. She has nothing to look forward to – the only thing she can do is stubbornly move forward and leave some mark to prove she exists. She doesn’t know what “hope” is from her point of view – the only small feeling of hope is that she moves ahead, because there’s really nothing else for her in this world. For me, it’s this message of a small, subtle, yet enduring sense of optimism that is one of the reasons why I feel so attached to it. I found myself being in her position without even realizing it, and when I finished listening I was crying.

I’m sure for most people, the more you listen to something, the more you get tired of it. The melody becomes boring and even the meaning in the lyrics, which might have meant a lot when you first listened, now doesn’t leave much of an effect. Fragile garden has the opposite effect for me – the more I listen to it, the more connected I feel to it. Each time I’m able to connect to it, and I learn or realize something about it that I didn’t know before. I find myself getting lost in it again and again.

The arranger behind this amazing circle is Meis Clauson, and there’s a good explanation about him here. Please check out mirrorofparanoia’s blog as they have great translations, and personally where I go to for a lot of lyrics to music. Yuiko, Meis Clauson, and Primary really are amazing to create music that captures people’s feelings and emotions so well.

Also, I’m really happy to introduce my editor-kun, Ivory~ He will be doing mostly editing (covering for my English ;w;) and typesetting~ (and maybe translation?!) This translation was done together with him, and it wouldn’t have been as good as it is now without his help.

On a side note, two new Primary albums were just released at C88 a few days ago! 「STRUGGLES/Hitori no Negai」, Primary’s 10th single album, and 「PS 2005-2013」, a collection of all of Primary’s singles. I really wish I could have gone to this Comiket. T^T On the bright side, I might be going to Winter Comiket this year! We’ll see~

So far my plans are to sub a few recent Vocaloid PVs (Ai no Scenario @yuikonnu is next!) and continue working on Primary songs. As always, if anyone is actually reading this blog and has any requests, please let me know~

TL notes
This song was kind of tricky to translate. First, one of the hard parts was uncovering what teki (literally enemy) meant and how it related to jibun (oneself). When I was looking up the lyrics for this, the only one I found was from a Chinese blogger and translator. In the original Japanese lyrics on her site, I noticed that it was missing some lines. At first I thought she forgot them, but after reading some of the Chinese comments, I learned that even the lyrics on the CD booklet omitted them. Her note about those lines (thanks to my friend Ramia for helping me translate~) is that she interpreted teki to mean jibun. Thinking of it that way, it made more sense because one of the themes of fragile garden is identity. The last line of the song, itsuka hontou no teki ni – when she talks about meeting her real enemy someday, and her enemy is herself.

The other difficulty I had was with how some of the verses toward the end seemed split. The first half was about her feeling hopeless, but the second half was her challenging her hopelessness. We interpreted that to be two different thoughts happening at the same time.  It’s this crossover that leads the song from being hopeless to being hopeful.

Finally, the lyrics here are going to be slightly different from the ones I used in the video upload, just because I’m constantly changing my mind about lyrics and I can’t help but want to fix any mistakes I make. ;w;

Title: fragile garden
Album: fragile garden / Kageri Sora
Circle: Primary
Lyrics/vocal: yuiko
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Event: M3-33

Translation/Timing/Encoding: kumi
Editing/Typesetting/QC: Ivory

自分なりのスピードで歩いてきたはずだったのに どうしてだろう?
I thought I had come this far being myself – but why is it like this?
目に映るモノが違って 向かい風も色の変化も 僕だけだ
What I saw what reflected in my eyes was different – the headwind blowing and all the changes in color – I realized it was just me

“ ねえ まだ まだ大丈夫だから” どんなに言い聞かせても…
“Hey, you can still do it” But no matter how much I’m told that…

想像よりも遠すぎて 動けない弱虫だ
It’s too distant, even more so than my imagination – my cowardice kept me from moving
存在証明を全て 失くしてしまった
I lost all proof of my existence
届くはずのない声で いつまでも叫ぶんだろう
I’ll keep calling out with a voice that will never reach anyone
共鳴するモノなんて もう何もないのに
Yet there is no longer anything that will resonate back

わずかに残ったその灯火を消すなんて 決断すらも 自分で出来ない
Wanting to extinguish this little flame’s remains –  I can’t even confront myself with my own decisions
叫び疲れたこの声で 誰か呼ぶ 名前なんてもう忘れたのに
With this voice tired of shouting, I call out for someone – someone whose name I do not even remember
ただ ただ知りたいだけなんだ 僕がここに居る意味
All I want is to know – the meaning for me being here

衝動的に走っても 何も変わらないだろう
Even if I run ahead impulsively, nothing is going to change, right?
どうせまたすぐ疲れて 立ち止まるだけ
After all, I’ll just get tired right away and end up in a stand still
こんな広い世界でも 自分一人だけだ
This world is so vast, yet I’m still alone
闘う相手すらも居ない 白い世界
There’s not even an enemy to face in this empty world

助けてほしいと 叫び続け
I’ll continue shouting for help
それすらも不安だと 空見てた
If even that makes me uneasy – I was looking up at the sky

What even is my own enemy?
Since I know that it’s not over yet…

想像よりも遠すぎて 諦めようとしても
It’s too distant, even more so than my imagination | Even if I give up now
どうしても引き返せない 僕の世界だ
It’s not like I can turn back | It’s my world
泣いたって終わらないなら 走るしかないだろう
If crying won’t end it, my only choice is to move forward, right?
存在の証明を 刻みこむため
In order to etch in the proof of my existence

自分の見失って 動けない弱虫だ
I lost sight of myself – my cowardice kept me from moving
But nobody knows what lies ahead, right?
何度繰り返したって この世界は変わらない
No matter how many times I start over | The world does not change
いつか本当の敵に 出会えるまでは
Until the day that I can meet my true self

HoneyWorks feat. GUMIxflower – Tokyo Summer Session

New HoneyWorks PV! It looks like Souta and Akari got together~ ^^ After being left hanging after Yakimochi no Kotae, I’m happy ;w; I really hope HoneyWorks continues expanding on their story, definitely my favorite pairing.

So this time I really learned the hard way that effort is proportional to quality. While I care a lot about quality, when I started spending hours on effects that most people wouldn’t even catch, and that last probably less than half a second, I started asking myself if it was really worth it. -_-; On the other hand, I learned Aegisub is a lot better at doing things than I had imagined, buttt still prefer AE or Aviutl if I really want to make something nice.

Song: Tokyo Summer Session (東京サマーセッション)
Vocals: GUMI, flower
Arrangement: HoneyWorks (ハニワ)

Guitar:Oji (海賊王)
Audio Tuning:orebanana (おればなな)


Translation/Timing/Typesetting: kumi

Primary / yuiko – Awake

Soo I’ve been lazy and putting off making new posts for my uploads and translations, but since no one comes here anyway, I didn’t really feel pressured to do it. ^^; Anyway, that’s why these posts are still behind. And… it’s not like I had the urge to make my blog nice because a new team member joined or anything… but I am excited about it and will be introducing him later~ Since I don’t like to clutter my Youtube uploads with -too- much information, this is where I’ll be putting my tl;dr notes for my videos. For those of you just looking for lyrics – please skip to the bottom. ^^ With that said~

The translation I decided to do this time is a song from Primary, one of my absolute favorite doujin music circles. I’ve wanted to translate Primary’s songs ever since I discovered their music, and it’s one of the main reasons why I got into translating. Primary’s main vocalist is Yuiko, who also happens to be my favorite utaite~ Yuikonnu’s songs tend to be the most mapped on osu! for an utaite, (and I can see why~) though I don’t get to focus on the songs themselves too much while playing. ~_~ I’ll definitely be translating more of Yuikonnu’s songs in the future!

The reason why Primary is one of my favorite circles is that I feel like the emotions behind their music are something I can easily relate to, and it hits a very personal note for me. On top of that, I feel like their songs are really pretty, meaningful, and easy to get lost in. On the other hand, it’s because the lyrics have so much symbolism that makes translating these kinds of songs hard. I usually listen to the whole song first to get the context, then interpreting each line becomes a lot easier. In the end, my problem isn’t really understanding the Japanese as much as it is putting it into English in a way that flows well in English, but maintaining the original feeling of the song.

In the end, I felt like I could have done better with the translation, and I know it does sound a bit awkward at some parts. The lyrics posted here are slightly different from my upload just because I can’t help but correct my mistakes. ;w;

I’ll be translating more of Primary’s songs from now on~ If anyone who’s actually reading this has a request, please let me know!

Album: Point.
Circle: Primary
Arrangement:Meis Clauson
Event: M3-35

Translation: kumi

Memories of  crying, of being hurt and afraid
Even now I still recall that day every now and then
Constantly living in fear of what  others would say
I don’t want to go back to that me ever again

もっと 本当は笑えたハズで
But there were times I was able to laugh too, right?
そんな言葉さえ 今は…
And so, with just those words, I’ll…

蹴っ飛ばして もっともっと何度だって前へ
Kick forward – I’ll face ahead, however many times it takes
Repeating my mistakes until I overcome them
怖くても 涙枯れても
Even if I’m scared – Even if my tears dry up
I’ll stick my chest out with this little bit of confidence

No matter how fast things happen around me
自分のペースで きっと大丈夫だから
I’m sure I’ll be fine if I stick to my own pace
その一歩 忘れないようにと
Never forgetting the importance of that small step
I’ll steadily move forward

“I want to become stronger” I said with tears in my eyes
Even if just a little, I start to think about that day with warm feelings
People’s paths are always diverging
It’s something we’re bound to try and find out for ourselves, isn’t it?

ずっと 言えなかった気持ちを全部
All these feelings I’ve bottled up until now
今日は伝えよう キミに
Today, I’ll convey them all – to you

These emotions I got caught up in were always easy to understand
The slightly carefree me today laughs
分かってる 分かってるけど
I know that… I know that but…
Still lacking the courage

塞ぎこんだ 何度同じ迷路を迷って
I covered my ears – Getting lost in the same maze again and again
I ended up pretending that I couldn’t find the way out
あの頃の 弱虫な自分の背中を押すよ
I give the cowardly me from back then a push

Hello, goodbye
Hello, goodbye
The me pretending to be strong
Hello, goodbye
I’ll say it

Giving it my all, I face ahead however many times it takes
Repeating my mistakes, I’ve come this far, right?
怖くても 涙枯れても
Even if I’m scared, even if my tears dry up
I’ll stick my chest out with this little bit of confidence

No matter how fast things happen around me
If I’m with you everything will be fine, is what I was able to think
Reaching towards the sky that I admired
I’ll steadily move forward

Honeyworks feat. Narumi Sena (CV: Amamiya Sora) – Kinyoubi no Ohayou -another story-

I’m going to start off posting some translations that I’ve already completed. As one of my favorite Vocaloid artists, HoneyWorks was definitely on my must translate list. Most of HoneyWorks’ songs are part of the Confession Executive Committee Love Series – please check it out~

Since this song has easy to time lines, and since there was already a translation available, I took the chance to practice my typesetting and translation, comparing to DescentSubs’ translation of the song here. It was much harder than I had imagined, since Descent localized it very heavily, and the whole time I was second-guessing if my translations were correct. ;w; While I do respect Descent, I think I prefer translations that are more literal, since in the end, I think it’s impossible to keep localizing without losing the original feelings in Japanese.